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Beard Transplant Turkey

What is Beard Transplant Turkey?

Beard transplant Turkey covers the most effective surgical procedures that can help you create a fuller and correctly shaped beard by increasing the density and fullness of a wispy or diminishing beard.

The beard transplant Turkey procedures that take place can make a complete difference in your appearance. This difference is of course a difference in a positive sense.

A beard is a man’s most important accessory, in a sense, his make-up. For this reason, beards are of great importance for men. Although beard transplantation Turkey works the same way as hair transplantation, the most important thing to remember is that the skin is much more sensitive than the scalp. In addition, another issue that should be known about beard transplant Turkey is that it is a non-invasive method.

How is Beard Transplant Turkey done?

The beard transplant Turkey procedure takes 2 to 5 hours under local anesthesia depending on the density of the treated area. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or strip methods and FUE Follicular Unit Extraction methods are used in medical hair transplantation.

The hair root is taken from a specific area of the body and then planted in your jaw line or the area where you want your beard to grow. 2,000 to 5,000 or more hair follicle grafts are used in beard transplantation procedures.

Before and After Beard Transplant Turkey

Beard transplant Turkey includes the same procedures as hair transplantation. Before beard transplantation procedures, anticoagulants such as aspirin should be avoided. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided. Such substances cause increased bleeding.

Caffeine is among substances that should be avoided, just like alcohol and cigarettes. Before the beard transplantation, you must follow your doctor’s recommendations and have all the tests requested from you.

Successful results are obtained only this way. After the beard transplantation, your recovery period will be a maximum of one week. In most cases, this period is even shorter.

How should the grooves be opened in beard transplant Turkey?

In beard transplantation, the receiving area is the chin line or face area. In these areas, incisions or holes are made into the recipient area with the help of micro needles or other special tools. Subsequently, hair follicles extracted from the donor area are transplanted into the recipient area.

After this process, new hair growth occurs in the targeted area. However, this procedure must be performed by a specialist doctor. In this regard, metropolitan cities such as Istanbul really have a reputation that is renown throughout the world.

Things to Consider During Beard Transplant Turkey

If your face does not grow a beard, this can be due to many factors. The most important of these is  an unhealthy diet. Therefore, attention should be paid to nutrition both before and after beard transplantation. In addition, other situations that need to be known are;

  • Always follow your doctor’s recommendations before beard transplantation.
  • Get help from a specialist doctor and a specialist clinic for beard transplantation.
  • Make sure you have all your tests done before the procedure and stay away from anticoagulants.
  • Keep the area dry for a while after the procedure.

Beard Transplant Turkey Cost 2024

Beard cultivation price is one of the issues that candidates are most curious issues about. However, the price of beard transplantation is calculated by determining various factors. The technique applied and the area to be applied is decisive in this regard.

The number of grafts to be used is another cost factor. Another issue is the quality of the doctor applying the procedure. All this affects the cost factor. If you have decided on a beard or mustache transplantation procedure, you should consult with an experienced clinic in detail and get help.

Comments of those who have had a Beard Transplant Turkey

The opinions of those who have had this procedure in hair and beard transplantation become much more important. After all, satisfaction is very important. Therefore, those who decide to have a beard or mustache transplantation look at such comments.

However, beard transplantation procedures that should be known are just like those for hair transplantation.

The results are also similar. In beard transplantation alone, the process is much more sensitive than it is applied to the skin, ie the face area. In practice, expertise is also of great importance.

In these types of comments, the number of sessions or cost of the transaction is in question. People who will have a beard transplantation first pay attention to such comments.

Beard Transplant Turkey reviews

One of the first places to be looked at in beard cultivation procedures are the comments in reviews. The comments here are very sincere and realistic. They are also generally positive. In other words, reviews contain positive opinions that the process gives successful results.

It includes issues such as how the procedure is performed, its cost, whether it is painful, the before or after. In these comments, beard transplantation price is among the issues that people ask each other about.

Beard Transplantation Recommendations

People who want tol have a beard transplantation look for experienced and successful experts. Beard cultivation should be done carefully. The specialist who will carry out this procedure must have the necessary experience in this field.

Nobody wants to waste neither their health nor money. Beard transplantation is not an inexpensive procedure, although it is cost effective. Therefore, choosing the right clinic and the right doctor is extremely important. In this regard, experienced experts from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara are extremely successful.