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Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair Transplantation; Hair loss in women has a much more psychological effect than men. The most important make-up of a woman is her hair. For this reason, hair transplantation is possible for women who experience hair loss due to some reasons. Although hair loss that requires transplantation is not common in women, it is still a situation where the demand is high.

Advances in modern hair transplantation have been promising for many women. While it is much easier to find a donor site in men than in women, it works a little differently for women. The frequency of hair loss in women is lower than in men. Hair loss in women increases with age. The main purpose of hair transplantation treatment in women is to ensure that the hair grows thicker and fuller.

How is Hair Transplantation done in Women?

Since there are not many cases of baldness in women, the method of strip removal, also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation, is not preferred. For this reason, there are two alternatives for hair transplantation in women. These are;

  • FUE Hair Transplantation; In this procedure, the doctor does not make an incision. Instead, it uses a hole puncher to extract the hair follicles. It is a frequently used procedure as it does not require much surgical procedure.
  • Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplantation; It is a method similar to FUE. However, in this method, a special apparatus is used to remove hair follicles. This apparatus is likened to a stapler.

What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

There is serious hair loss in women, just as in men. There are a number of reasons for this shedding. The main ones are:

  • The most common cause of hair loss in women is thyroid deficiency.
  • The effects of hormonal changes due to pregnancy.
  • Wrong cosmetic procedures.
  • Hair weakening due to old age.
  • Poor quality chemical dyes used.
  • Shedding due to nervousness and stress.

If you are experiencing any of these and you comply with the conditions recommended by your doctor, you can be an ideal candidate for hair transplantation in women.

Is Hair Transplantation done For Women?

Hair transplantation is possible in women just like in men. However, as there is thinning hair in women, there is also a donor area problem. Therefore, only 2 to 5 percent of women are considered suitable for hair transplantation surgery.

In other words, not every individual is suitable for surgery. Women who apply for hair transplantation experience thinning and shedding. Fuller and thicker hair provides women with serious self-confidence.

What is Before And After Hair Transplantation Process In Women?

You can have a permanent effect as a result of hair transplantation procedures. However, the success rate for women is less than for men. For this, you should contact a specialist doctor and have a full detailed assessment.

While there is a serious success rate in men, the situation in women differs from person to person. Before the operation, you should follow the recommendations of your doctor and act carefully after the procedure.

Things to Consider in Hair Transplantation for Women

You should be very careful after hair transplantation to recover quickly and smoothly. When it comes to hair transplantation in women, much more care is needed than for men. This type of surgical procedure has some complications.

These include allergic infections, bleeding, pain or itching. When you experience these types of side effects, you should get help from your doctor.

Since hair transplantation is not performed frequently in women, experience is extremely important. It is very important to work with a specialist, who is an experienced specialist. It is also essential to have the procedure at a fully equipped clinic.

How Hair Loss can be Prevented in Women

Hair loss is a common occurrence in women, but baldness is a very rare event. Hair is extremely important for women. The biggest mistake women make to look beautiful is often to have their hair treated. This situation is extremely wrong and harmful.

Blow drying and other styling processes cause hair to shed, thin and even reduce. Another important issue is the chemical dyes used. These dyes cause hair loss and burning, especially in light colors. In addition, another reason for hair loss is not getting enough nutrients. Like everyone else, women should pay attention to their nutrition.

Hair Transplantation Results in Women

Hair transplantation procedure for women should not be compared with that for men. The success rate for men is much higher in this regard. However, a specialist and experienced doctor will be very useful to you. In addition, hair transplantation is a permanent procedure.

In other words, it is possible to reach full and healthy hair again with a correct technique. You should also apply extra care to your hair after hair transplantation.

It is very natural for women to experience side effects such as itching and pain after hair transplantation. If your complaints continue, you can get help from your doctor.

Hair Transplantation Prices for Women

Cost is one of the most frequently asked regarding hair transplantation procedures. However, it is not very correct to give a clear figure on this subject because the cost depends on many factors.

The main ones are the area to be applied, the doctor performing the procedure, the health institution where the procedure will be done and the city where it is performed all affect the cost one by one.

In addition, the number of grafts used is a major cost factor. If you have decided to have a hair transplantation procedure for women, you should definitely consult with a specialist doctor and get a detailed opinion.