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Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey, Istanbul

Hair transplant Turkey involves the removal of hair follicles from a donor area where hair is more abundant, such as the back of the head and the chest, and their redistribution into a balding or thinning recipient area.

The place to be transplanted is defined as the recipient area, while the place where hair follicles are taken is defined as the donor area. Hair transplant Turkey is performed by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

The hair transfer process is a completely permanent process. Today, it is applied by using many techniques. It is possible to completely prevent baldness with hair transplant Turkey. Two different methods are generally used in hair transplant Turkey procedures.

The first of these is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and the other is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Hair Transplant Turkey Before After

Hair Transplant Turkey Before After

How is hair transplant Turkey done?

Among the three most known techniques, FUE, FUT and Robotic hair transplantation, the most appropriate technique is applied to the patient. When hair transplantation is to be performed, the recipient area is specially cleaned and numbed.

In the Fut technique, some incisions are made on your head and the transplanting is done in these areas. In the other FUE technique, small holes are made on the head. Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it takes 3 or 4 hours.

Preparation for a Hair Transplant Turkey Operation

Since the hair transplantation procedure is similar to a typical surgical procedure, you should not go to the clinic on an empty stomach before the procedure. Your doctor might order some blood tests from you. Hair transplantation is a very safe procedure as long as it is performed by a specialist doctor.

For example, your doctor may recommend that you do not use anticoagulants because they will make incisions. Before the procedure, you should definitely follow the recommendations of your doctor. Otherwise, you may face some side effects and complications.

Basic Stages of Hair Transplant Turkey

The goal for hair transplantation is to gain new hair to replace the shed hair. It is to have thicker hair with a natural hair appearance.

For this, you should stop taking any anticoagulants 15 days before the procedure after your doctor determines which technique is right for you. It is imperative that you avoid harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. You should also take all the medications your doctor recommends.

Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey Before After

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost 2024

Hair transplant Turkey cost are another matter of concern. Hair transplant Turkey prices can differ depending on the amount of hair loss, the type of procedure applied, the clinic you have chosen, or even the city.

The application area is also extremely important. Before you have a hair transplant Turkey, you should discuss every detail with your doctor.

You should also learn the necessary details to avoid potential cost surprises. If a large area is being treated, repeated sessions may be an issue. The process can take several months. Cost is shaped based on all these criteria.

Before Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation is usually done under local anesthesia. It is natural to have concerns before hair transplantation. Deciding on this procedure is a big step in every respect. However, hair transplantation not only allows you to get natural looking hair, but also allows you to live without fear of losing it in the coming years.

Hair Transplantation Centers in Turkey

Turkey has almost become a center of excellence for hair transplantation and acquired an important place in health tourism. Many clinics will help you with hair transplantation.

However, what is important here is the procedure that your specialist doctor applies to you and the process he follows. Although hair transplantation centers are mainly available in centers such as Istanbul and Ankara, it is still possible to reach such centers in many parts of Turkey.

After Hair Transplantation

It is possible to feel some pain after the procedure. However, in this case, your doctor can give you some medication. There may be some shedding after the procedure.

In addition to this, it is possible to return to work within a few days after the procedure. However, you should avoid sports and exercises during this period. If you follow your doctor’s advice, you will not have any problems.

Hair Transplantation Results

Hair transplantation prices are very important criteria. However, another important criterion here is after hair transplantation. After the hair transplantation process, the recovery period takes approximately 3 to 4 days.

Then you can continue your daily routines. However, another issue of curiosity is how the hair will be after the procedure. After the hair transplantation process is completed, your hair will continue to grow naturally. In addition to all these, it will achieve a permanently pleasant appearance

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Another issue that is a matter of curiosity regarding about hair transplantation is where the hair transplant Istanbul will be done. Metropolitan cities, especially Istanbul, have become a center in this regard.

There is a lot of demand not only from our country but also from the whole world in terms of both cost and success. For this reason, if you are going to have a hair transplant Istanbul, you can start by doing research on this subject in Istanbul.

Hair Transplantation Reviews

People always pay attention to comments before having any aesthetic procedure. It is a very effective situation in the decision-making process. General comments about hair transplantation comments are on the effects after the procedure.

The most commented issue here is whether the process is permanent or not. Generally, hair transplantation procedures are successful. Therefore, the comments made are mostly positive. Another issue is the side effects shown. However, there are no serious side effects.

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